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Unquenchable Fire - Deep Listening 2002 CD 19

Unquenchable Fire was commissioned by Deep Listening Band, composed by Joe McpHee with text by Rachel Pollack. The premiere performance took place at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors in 1998 with Deep Listening Band, the Joe McPhee Quartet and Rachel Pollack. The CD was recorded in the Studio at Deep Listening Space by Bob Bielecki with editing and mastering by Russell Frehling./P>

Non Stop Flight - Music and Arts 1998 ­ CD-1030

On September 16th, 1996, Deep Listening Band performed at Mills College in a four hour and thirty-three minute marathon composed by Pauline and dedicated to David Tudor. Other participants included the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, The Hub, and many guest artists. Excerpts from this performance include a recreation of David Tudor's premier performance of John Cage's 4'33".

Suspended Music - Periplum 1997 - PP 0010

Two major commissioned works with Ellen Fullman's Long String Instrument: Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS (Oliveros); TexasTravelTexture (Fullman). Recorded at The Candy Factory, Austin, Texas, November 12, 1994. Press Release

Tosca Salad - Deep Listening 1995 - DL 3 1995 CD

This tossed salad of a CD comes from recordings of rehearsals and concerts. Guests include Fritz Hauser, Urs Leimgrüber, Julie Lyon Rose, Long String Instrument Band (Ellen Fullman, Elise Gould, Nigel Jacobs), Ben Neill, Joe McPhee and Joe Giardullo. An auditory survey of our work over the previous two years.

Sanctuary - Mode 1995 - mode 46

Recorded June 1993 and January 1994 in the Trinity United Methodist Church in Kingston, NY. With guests Julie Lyon Rose, Thomas Buckner, Joe McPhee, Margrit Schenker, Nego Gato, Carol Chappell, Jason Finkleman and Women Who Drum (Leaf Miller, Lorraine Demerest and Judith Muldoon). First DLB recording using the Expanded Instrument System (EIS) in its current configuration. "Of all the music purporting to be for meditation or 'healing', the first four tracks on this album are some of the best examples I have heard." John L. Walters, The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music

The Ready Made Boomerang - New Albion 1992 - NA044

Back to the cistern in February 1990, this time with guests Willam O. Smith and Thomasa Eckert. The title is from a mesostic composed by John Cage inspired by the Deep Listening CD. "The group explores the mysterious spaces between notes, where all is sweet dissonance and beading microtones." Marc Weidenbaum, Pulse!

Troglodyte's Delight - oodiscs 1998 ­ OO #43

Recorded June 1989 in Tarpaper Cave in Rosendale, New York and originally released on What Next? in 1990. With guests Fritz Hauser and Julie Lyon Rose. "... the effect was totally captivating, the sound as eerie as anything produced by a $50,000 synthesizer laboratory." Peter Blum, Woodstock Times

Deep Listening - New Albion 1989 - NA022

The birth of Deep Listening Band in October 1988 from the depths of the cistern at Fort Worden in Port Townshend, Washington. "When I realized what this disc was doing to me, I pressed the 'repeat' button on my CD player and listened to it almost the entire day." Kyle Gann, Fanfare


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