Spring 2004 Concerts





Saturday, April 10, 8PM

Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex   -  directions     2201 Preston Street

$12 tickets available at the door

for information and directions  call 713-928-5653

Photos available at


and   www.nymuse.com/jazz/joe.html


*Joe McPhee (New York City) - Saxophones and Trumpet

*Mats Gustafsson (Sweden) - Saxophones

*Paal Nilssen-Love (Norway) - Drums

*Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Norway) - Bass

Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston (POF Houston) is pleased to present a performance by one of the most exciting and inspiring international collaborations in Creative Music. From Sweden and Norway, The Thing represents the most visceral and expressive extreme of "free jazz". The Thing are Europe's most intense young jazz musicians, yet they refer to themselves as a "garage band". When they put their energy together and perform, the collective force is overwhelming. They play with the power of a rock band, but without the amplifiers. The group's repertoire reflects the diversity of their influences. Pieces by jazz legends Don Cherry and James Blood Ulmer are played alongside covers of PJ Harvey and The White Stripes.

The Thing are joined by living legend Joe McPhee. The American multi-instrumentalist is a veteran of the 60's New York "Fire Music" that is at the heart of The Thing. In his lyrical and soulful playing lies the true cry of the blues. McPhee is one of the most in-demand artists in Jazz and an authentic and vital messenger of it's radical avant-garde.

A Houston favorite, Joe McPhee will be in residence for one week, giving workshops for young people in Houston public schools.

For more information on "The Thing" go to


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Marilyn Crispell


Friday, April 30, 8pm    

Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex   

2201 Preston Street

$12 tickets available at the door  for information and directions call 713-928-5653


Press Photos available at www.marilyncrispell.com

Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston (POF Houston) is pleased to present a performance by one of the finest pianists in jazz, Marilyn Crispell. After the legendary Cecil Taylor, Marilyn Crispell is perhaps the most intense and dynamic pianist in jazz and improvised music. The torrential strength of her music seems completely at odds with her gentle and quiet personality. This will be Crispell's first performance in Houston in almost 20 years.

Crispell studied at the New England Conservatory of Music. After a 5 year hiatus from playing, Crispell heard the music of John Coltrane and Cecil Taylor. Inspired, she became involved in the Creative Music Studio at Woodstock, an important institution for the support of new work and contemporary music education in the 1970s. In the 1980s, Crispell became a member of the most renowned ensemble of the era, the Anthony Braxton Quartet. This exposure led to numerous collaborations, and her discography attests to the quantity and quality of her projects. Her colleagues have included: Anthony Braxton, Reggie Workman, Gary Peacock, Paul Motian, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Anthony Davis, Joseph Jarman, Billy Bang, and many others.

For more information on Marilyn Crispell, go to   http://www.marilyncrispell.com





Han Bennink (Holland)

solo performance by legendary drummer 

Han Bennink


Tuesday, June 8 8pm

at Barnevelder Movement/Arts Center

2201 Preston






A Festival of concerts and workshops with
The Ex, John Butcher, and Kaffe Matthews
September 19-25 2003




THE EX (Holland)
Friday, September 19 8PM
presented with Hands Up Houston
MECA 1900 Kane Directions to MECA

from http://www.southern.com/southern/band/EX000/biog.html

Starting out as an anarcho-punk band from Amsterdam and Wormer, The Ex has developed over the years into a melting pot of divergent musical styles, interweaving noise, folk, jazz and ethnic music, under one unique umbrella: Ex-music. Other features are the discordant, highly rhythmic guitar work, the rolling almost African drumming style and the furious way in which Sok delivers his often sarcastic lyrics. They set a significant example for the alternative music circuit by the manner in which their records, accompanied by posters, booklets and other relevant readings, are released and distributed by the group itself. Their workthroughout the years has been marked by their committed involvement to social/political movements. Among many other similar projects, they have held concerts benefiting striking British miners, a 1981 album for the Resistance movement in El Salvador, and an album of songs from the Spanish Civil War. A remarkable ability to collaborate across genres has seen them working with Iraqi Kurdish musicians, playing Turkish folk songs, and doing a tour of Ethiopia. Their unique sound has partially developed through work with experimental and improvisational musicians, including: Han Bennink, Hamid Drake, Sonic Youth, Tom Cora, John Butcher, and Kaffe Matthews.

read more at http://www.southern.com/southern/band/EX000/biog.html


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Thursday, September 25 8PM
Diverse Works 1117 East Freeway Directions


Guitarist Andy Moor is best known for frenetic harrangues in the Ex and Dogfaced Hermans. His idiosyncratic six string scratchings get reprocessed via Kaffe Matthews computer on these recordings of improvised encounters. Matthews mutates the raw angular attack and chime of Moor's guitar into loops, drones and static buzz which Moor responds to in turn. Matthews sometimes just loops a two tone fragment, at others crushes the guitar into thin spidery high pitched digi-screech. Veering from rattling unwinding machine cog splinters through short patches of sparse plucking hum calm to loose freeform thunderous excavation textures, they stay just ahead of thrumming abstraction with some odd but simple rhythmic moves that skip merrily around complex dissonant edges, unfurling repetitive patterns, coalescing and fragmenting. They make a fine unfettered noise and know how to effectively build and release tension. Whilst "She Is Nice" charges forth in hectic flux, "Builder Bloomsberg" opens with a repeated dipping strum over click clack loops that slowly morph into a fluctuating bipolar drone where the sound sources seem to merge. Then Moor builds an ever more discordant fractious guitar onslaught over Matthews' pulsating loops. The track climaxes with the computer ripping the strings from the guitar and strangling an unsuspecting studio engineer. So that didn't really happened but since this is a recording imagination can color the events it portrays. Kaffe Matthews' last solo recording to reach these ears 'CD Cecile,' seemed to dispense with the violin that she'd previously used as a sound source, at least in any recognisable form, so it's quite good to hear her take on th guitar here. Mostly guitar remains recognisable as such, but occasionally, as on the low drone eerie ambience that concludes "Here Is Your Coat," the laptop textures seem to hold sway. This would probably be much more fun if you could see how Andy Moor's attacking the guitar as he's quite a visual performer if his days in Dogfaced Hermans are anything to go by. Something I find a little strange about recordings of improvisation is that they often grow with repeated listenings. This might seem to contradict the essence of improvisation, which is instantaneous action and reaction, but perhaps makes sense of the point of actually releasing improv recordings in the first place. At first this CD seemed to out stay its welcome at almost the full seventy minute mark, but after a few plays seemed to be over in a flash. Maybe the machine cogs were the atonal sounds of time compacting and unravelling. Occasionally, as on the Instant Chavires gig segment of "Here Is Your Coat," it's almost like a lighter fleet footed cousin of the heavy record shop emptying storm of the FM Einheit / Caspar Brotzmann encounter preserved on 'Merry Christmas.' If you ever wanted to hear the spikiness of the Ex in a much less anchored setting then this is something you should hear and I'd also recommend that fans of Sonic Youth's more wayward freakout tendencies check this out. Graeme Rowland

from www.brainwashed.com/brain/brainv05i10.html


Kaffe Matthews

John Butcher

Andy Moor


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CALL AND CONVERGE: a festival celebrating creative arts in Houston!
Proceeds benefit Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston

Sunday, October 26 3PM-9PM
Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex 2201 Preston Directions
cosponsored by Barnevelder Movement/Arts
DJs music provided by KTRU
$4 suggested donation

On October 26 at Barnevelder Movement/Arts Center, Pauline Oliveros Foundation Houston will present
"Call and Converge", a festival of creative arts in Houston. The day-long event will include: the "Creative Market", rare musical happenings, food, beer, refreshments, and "60 Minutes of Minutes" (the greatest gathering of creative musicians that Houston has ever seen). "Call and Converge" will be an unprecedented meeting of the creative community.

Schedule 3-7pm

CREATIVE MARKET a market featuring original artwork, contemporary crafts, rare and exclusive CDs and
records, unique services, strange artifacts, esoteric items, intellectual property, and mysteries.

SOUND ENCOUNTER live music all day. All performances are special events including: performances of Pauline Oliveros pieces by the POF Houston Ensemble, Bar Music, and Isabelle Ganz; also, Kevin Patton's Free Improv Request Band, and DJ music provided by KTRU.

FOOD AND DRINK beer, soft drinks, water and vegan food.

Schedule 8-9pm

60 MINUTES OF MINUTES a 60 minute collective improvisation by 60 musicians playing 60 one minute
solos. The greatest gathering of creative musicians that Houston has ever seen.Sponsors of "Call and Converge" include: Barnevelder Movement/Arts Center, Brasil Cafe/Mixture Gallery, and KTRU Houston.
We are looking for items for the "Creative Market". We are looking for performers for "60 Minutes of
Minutes". We are looking for volunteers and sponsors. If you would like to participate, please contact
Kristilyn Woods at silentsilhouette@hotmail.com

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The Sabir Mateen Quintet with Raphe Malik

Wednesday, December 10, 8pm
at MECA 1900 Kane
$8-$13 (pay what you can at the door)

Sabir Mateen : tenor and alto saxophones, flute, clarinet, alto clarinet
Raphe Malik : trumpet & concert "C" trumpet
Raymond A. King : piano
Jane Wang : bass and cello
Ravish Momin : drums, tablas, African and Indian percussion

One of the leaders of the New York "Ecstatic" Free Jazz Scene, the veteran saxophonist and composer Sabir
Mateen brings intensity, passion, inspiration, and virtuosity to his many ensembles. He is commonly found
in the company of living legends as well as up-and-coming young musicians (he is a mentor to many
young musicians in New York). His presence is ubiquitous in clubs, festivals, and his now-famous
concerts underground in the New York subway stations.

The quartet will feature the legendary trumpet player Raphe Malik. Malik is a master who came up playing
with many of the original pioneers of avant-garde jazz. His powerful sound features prominently in
important recordings by the likes of Cecil Taylor, Frank Wright, Jimmy Lyons, and many others. Mateen's quintet is multi-cultural, and multi-generational. 75 year old pianist Raymond A. King is a great unsung-hero, an inspirational musician who plays with the energy of musicians 1/3 his age. Drummer Ravish Momin was born in Bombay and plays Indian Tablas as well as the drumset. Bass player/cellist Jane Wang is active in jazz ensembles, as well as in contemporary dance and theater around the world.

In addition to their concert at MECA, The Quintet's residency in Houston will bring them into public high
schools for workshop/performance events.