Mission Statement
Pauline Oliveros Foundation Midwest is committed to nurturing the development of innovative music in East Central Illinois and the Midwest corridor. As a presenting organization, POFMW provides performance opportunities for regional artists who push the envelope of musical forms to genre blurring artists from around the world. Through new musical processes and emergent technologies the creation of music continues to evolve. With this in mind, POFMW is dedicated to offering vanguard approaches towards arts education through community workshops and pubic school programs. POFMW is part of a growing network in support of artists exploring, realizing and sharing provocative ways to imagine, create, and perform music for the 21st century.

"Creativity is the vital spirit of personal and public growth"
-Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros is an internationally acclaimed composer, performer, humanitarian, and pioneer in American music. For four decades she has explored sound and forged new ground for herself and others. Through improvisation, electronic music, teaching, ritual, and meditation she has created a body of work with such breadth of vision that it profoundly affects those who experience it. In 1985 she started the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, a non-profit organization in New York, to "support all aspects of the creative process for a worldwide community of artists."


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