Njinga the Queen King
Njinga the Queen King
A Program of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation

Njinga The Queen King is a play with music and pageantry written and directed by Ione with music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros. The play is the story of Njinga, the 17th century regent of Ndongo, the country that is now known as Angola. The story spans three hundred years and documents the life of an extraordinary woman who through diplomacy and fighting, kept the invading Europeans from overtaking her country during her forty year reign. Also documented is the diaspora of Njinga's people which includes Bahia, Brazil, the Caribbean and the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia, where descendants of slaves still reside, keeping ancient memories alive in stories and rituals which include stirring chants and dances.

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Ancestral Voices
documentary video (no longer available)

Ione reads an excerpt from her essay on Njinga in
Spirits of the Passage; The Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Seventeenth Century
Simon & Schuster Books, 1997 - Madeleine Burnside, Cornel West, Rosemarie Robotham (Editor)

Njinga at college!
Music Theater: Collaboration with Community through Njinga the Queen King
Mills College, Fall 1998

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