Njinga Cultural Outreach Programs

The theatrical production of Njinga The Queen King has brought together a visionary group of multi-cultural artists who would like to continue to carry the message of the project to as wide an audience as possible.The work we have established can continue through many possible venues.

This would be a smaller scale production extracting the music and dance pieces already established in the play with introductions to each piece provided by the Pauline Oliveros soundtrack from the original play. There would also be introductions provided from the original script by Ione. This would provide a medium to market the project to smaller theaters. 10 Artists

"FROM CONGO TO BAHIA" Music and Ensemble
This will be a repertoire of original music by Titos Sompa and Nego Gato tracing the roots of popular Brazilian Music back to its origins in Congo Angola. Some of the original music composed for Njinga by Titos and Gato will be included in the repertoire. The format for this program can be as a dance band in a party atmosphers or as a concert where only traditional intrumentation whould be used. 10-12 artists

This is an assembly program geared toward the education of children grade K-12. It includes the Music and Dance of the Congo and traces its trans-Atlantic travel to Brazil and how this African heritage is kept alive in the music , dance, song and religion of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 6-8 Artists

Workshops can be conducted by members of the Njinga Players in all of the following subjects: Traditional Congolese Dance and Percussion, Traditional Afro-Brazilian Dance and Percussion, and Capoeira Angola. Residencies involve classes, rehearsals and incorporation of participants into the production.

LECTURES AND SEMINARS All principals including the playwright/ director Ione and the Composer/Sound Designer Pauline Oliveros are available for lectures and seminars concerning the Making of Njinga. Video and slide presentations can be included.