People: David Gamper

Composer/performer David Gamper is especially concerned with music performance electronics. He received a BA in mathematics in 1967 from Bowdoin College, and returned there in 1969 to study composition with Elliott Schwartz and establish their electronic music studio. He then went on to the University of California at San Diego where he studied composition with Pauline Oliveros and Roger Reynolds and received his MA in music. He also worked at the then newly established Project for Music Experiment as sound technician and performance electronics facilitator.

After leaving UCSD, Gamper worked in Vermont as an electronic music studio designer, goat farmer, property tax assessor, town energy coordinator, advocate for community and responsive private philanthropy, grant maker for children and youth, and director of a baroque recorder ensemble and a community chorus.

Since moving to Kingston, New York in 1989 and now New York City in 1998, he has been working primarily with Pauline Oliveros. He is director of development for the Expanded Instrument System (a project of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation) and performs and records around the world with Oliveros and as a member of Deep Listening Band. He edited and produced the Band's last several CD releases. A recent collaboration with photographer Gisela Gamper is on Urban Desires. Another multi-media project was providing music for several of the displays at the new Visitor Center at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Current projects include designing the future Deep Listening Studios and ongoing development of new control technology and programming for the Expanded Instrument System. Gamper is also half of hilde+ed productions, a multi-media content development partnership.

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